High Speed Almond Pista Slicer Machine | Peanut Dry Fruit Slice Cutting Machine

almond slicer machine|pista slicer machine|dry fruit cutting machine|peanut slice cutting machine
50-300 kg/h
stainless steel
Peanut Almond Dry Fruit
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Use: The almond slicer machine is used to cut peanut or almond into strip shape, and the strip size can be adjusted.

Material: The whole machine is made of stainless steel.

Features of Dry Fruit Slice Cutting Machine:  

1.It is used for slicing cashew,Macadamia,peanut, almond,walnut and other nuts, and widely used in food and medicinal materials process industry. 

2.Peanut Slice Cutting Machine is made of high quality stainless steel.,In accordance with food hygiene standards.

3.full-automatic operation, low noise, high efficiency. 

4.The slicing thickness is adjustable. 

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