Small Industrial Peanut Butter Grinder Machine | Sesame Tahini Machine

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stainless steel
Raw materials:
100-2000 kg/h
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Application of Small Industrial Peanut Butter Machine:

This machine is widely applied in the industrial productions of food (Peanut butter, sesame jam, almond nuts butter, soy milk, dairy products, soft drinks and etc.), medicine (syrups, nutrition liquid, Chinese herb extracts, poultice and etc.), daily chemical products (tooth paste, cosmetic, washing agent and etc.), chemical industry products (pigment, dye, dope, lubricant, petroleum activator and etc.) and the flotation and emulsification of the explosives. 

Working Principle of Tahini Grinder Machine

It is a different geometry of the rotor in high-speed rotation of the relative motion, breaking through the shearing, grinding, high-frequency vibration . The sesame tahini machine has three areas, one area for coarse grinding, the other area for fine grinding, and another one for the ultrafine grinding .Through adjusting the gap between the rotor. it can effectively achieve the required standard (the gap also can be re-processed.

Note of Peanut Butter Grinder Machine

 1. All models can be customized.

 2. Please choose the right machine according to your needs. 

 3. Information on this website is subject to change. To obtain accurate dimensions and equipment configurations,  please contact customer service.

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